Sunday, 28 May 2017

What a week 👎

I'm not going to do a weigh in this Sunday as I have had a really intense week - sometimes you just need to relax and have some time off. But starting Monday I am going to be back on track.

I have a goal to get to 86.5 by next Sunday which I definitely think is doable! Check back next week to see how I've done!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Working out on wheels 💪

Weight this week: 87.8kg - 193.5lbs

Lost since last week: 0.5kg - 1.1lbs

Weight loss in total: 32.2kg - 70.9lbs

This shirt couldn't be more accurate and I love wearing it
Exercising for people in wheelchairs/decreased mobility can be really difficult. The best thing I can say is play to your strengths - but - try to improve your weaknesses slowly and safely. Meaning - use the things your good at as your main cardio/what gets your heart rate up, and then spend time slowly improving your weaknesses.

For me, I am really good at using my recumbent bike and rowing machine. Though I still want to improve my length/intensity of using these two things, where I am at now with these types of exercises is giving me enough to get my heart rate up for help with losing weight.

What I need to improve on is using weights, I struggle with keeping my back in the right position whilst doing them. I do as many reps as I can whilst concentrating on keeping good posture, when I find myself struggling and losing that posture, I will stop. The next time I do weights I will try to increase that amount I can do before I struggle again (even if it's just one more rep) and so on and so forth. Hopefully in the long run my muscles will be strong enough to keep a good position for longer.

I am lucky, in a way, to have some movement in my legs so that I am able to use a rowing machine and bike for working out. One thing that makes losing weight in a wheelchair so much harder, is that I never lose any excess calories by walking around or getting to use stairs instead of an elevator, all those things people suggest to get some added exercise in your day... at least that is my experience. An able-bodied person can eat a 1200 + diet, work out the same amount that I do and most probably lose weight. If I ate 1200+ a day and worked out the same as I do now, I would gain. I have to stick to a 800 calorie diet to be able to lose weight, maybe a 1000 calorie day every now and then if I know I will be pushing my chair on hard terrain that will also get my heart rate up (this isn't often though). It's unfortunate, frustrating, and hard to stick to at times, but I do not eat unhealthy or starve myself when on a 800 calorie a day diet. You just need to really think what you want those calories to comprise of - 400-600 calories of junk food in one sitting and then have to limit your calories the rest of the day? No way, I'll get hungry at night time and guess what happens then?

Brain says 'eat the entire contents of the fridge'

BUT if you divide those calories in to proper meals/snacks throughout the day? Yes yes yes.

I'm not gonna get caught up in talking about food now though, that will be for next weeks post otherwise this one will go on forever.

The point of this was more exercise, find what works for you! Maybe go see a physiotherapist to set out a work out plan that will help get that heart rate/strength/and stamina up!

So here's the little positives that happened this week:

  • I lost weight, little bit less than last week but I'm totally happy with any loss.
  • I also decided that I am going to go to an info session for a Diploma in Counselling in about 4 weeks which I am really excited for! I am wanting to change my career and this will be the first step! 

My thoughts for this week: I'm trying to persevere through some stress right now, but also keeping in mind it's all going to change for the better in the near future. It would be nice for the universe to give me some good luck because I feel like I need a little bit of a confidence boost to help me get out of bed in the mornings. Also, stop thinking about hot chips, you don't need them and you always feel sick after eating them. It's not worth it!

Happy weekend to everyone!

Thanks for reading! 😀✌♿

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Stress eating troubles 🍔 😥

Weight this week: 88.3kg

Lost since last week: 0.7kg

Weight loss in total: 31.7kg

I am forever a bed for my cat, Domino

This week has been a bit stressful so a loss at all was quite surprising to me. I started a new job recently as a personal assistant and it has been very busy and tiring!  Plus, I had family visit, and my partner and I went out on a date night so I ate out at restaurants twice resulting it 2 high calorie meals I normally wouldn't eat. These are definitely things I don't want to repeat every week!

I'm not going to beat myself up about it though, I have accepted that I eat/drink to release some stress. The thing I try to think about is how often I do this. You never want it to be a continuous occurrence.
If I am a little bit stressed, I will try to do activities to take my mind off of it before I resort to comfort eating. This can be watching a movie, playing a video game, cleaning up the house, working on a hobby (for me, it's my Etsy store Memoriesfromashore *cough* shameless self promotion), whatever keeps your mind busy so you don't resort to eating/drinking alcohol.

Now this is not saying I never allow myself to stress eat/drink. Sometimes days are just overwhelming and, at the moment, I don't have any techniques that work for me to calm myself down during extreme moments of fear/sadness/tiredness/a combination of them all. If eating calms me down when I am way up there in terms of panic/anxiety then I don't feel bad or guilty about it. I let it happen and move on. Everybody has there moments and tomorrow is a new day where those feelings will have passed and I will be able to keep to my diet.

In saying that, I do recognise that comfort eating will never solve my problems and I do believe wholeheartedly, if you are struggling and comfort eating becomes the norm, see a therapist. I am in the process of making an appointment to do this myself. Talking through the stress will ALWAYS triumph over eating away the problems. And who knows, you may come to the root of the issue and take away it's power to incapacitate you like it does in the present. Here's hoping.

Now I'm going to stop talking about the negatives and look at the positives of the week.
I lost weight! For someone in a wheelchair who is unable to lose those extra calories just by walking around, this is a huge achievement.
I also got through the week without crying, which is a massive achievement for me! Sure, I comfort ate and drank this week to help me get over my stress, but in past weeks I would be sobbing as I ate my junk food or drank beer feeling sorry for myself the entire time. But nope!

I ate my junk food and drank my beer whilst laughing along to the new Dave Chappelle stand up on Netflix. Sometimes recognising that I'm extremely stressed/sad/scared and taking action to stop it before it gets worse (in this case, food, beer, and a good show) is better than letting it consume me. If laughing instead of crying to get over stress isn't a win in itself then I don't know what is.

So my thoughts for this week: Enjoy the little achievements!

Thanks for reading! 😀✌♿

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Hello! My name is Molly, I live in Adelaide, Australia and I am a wheelchair user. I want this fact to almost be front and centre as it is one of the reasons I am making this blog. There aren't too many weight loss blogs I have seen in regards to people with physical disabilities, and a lot of blogs/chats on websites are years old so you can't really join the conversation at this point. So I want to kind of fill that gap with my experiences. But first I will give some back story to my life so far.

I have been in a wheelchair for the last 10 years after contracting Transverse Myelitis when I was 14. 

It started a few days before, I had come home complaining of a sore back. My mum didn't think much of it other than maybe a pinched nerve. So she told me to rest and it should be gone in the morning. The next day I noticed a section of my lower right stomach was numb. The skin didn't look different so I didn't really think to worry. 2 days after that I awoke to find that I had no movement in my legs or lower back. I could still feel my legs but the sensation was different, which I later found was because I had lost the ability to feel hot and cold. I was rushed to hospital where I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and proceeded to spend 6 months as an in-stay patient. I gained hot and cold sensation back and a fair amount of movement, but unfortunately it was not enough to ever walk again. I was on steroid and antibody treatments while in hospital, I like to think those treatments where also to blame for my weight gain, and that may well be the case, but I also became extremely depressed. I relied on the love of my Mum, and the knowledge that she would do anything for me at the time, to go and get me high calorie foods to make me feel better. By the time I left the hospital I was 120kg (264lb) (picture below). Being told, as a 14 year old that there is a high possibility that you will never walk again was devastating, but being overweight at the same time just seemed to make it so much worse. 

As someone who has to use a wheelchair, being bigger can have so many issues. The wheelchair I would use was too big to get through certain doors, so I would never leave the house. Checking my body for sores, or just rolling over to get comfy in a bed was an extreme challenge.
I don't really know what changed but I decided that I didn't want to live like that. I knew I would have a difficult time loosing weight without help so I decided to get gastric lap band surgery. I was approved quite quickly due to the worry that I was going to get bigger rapidly from no exercise and excessive eating all day. After the surgery, I have to admit, I did not begin to lose weight for another couple of years. This was because, though I was eating less, I was still eating high calorie foods. It took me a while to get into the mentality of wanting to lose weight.
I began by downloading the weight loss app MyFitnessPal. Using that everyday really helped me keep my eating under control as I didn't want to eat junk, and have to put it in the app and see how many calories it really was.

Since then I had lost 40kg (88lb) going from size 24 to 16/14 (AUS sizes)
But as with anything in life, everything was not perfect. In 2016 I went through some extremely stressful mental hurdles that resulted in a relapse to unhealthy eating. I ended up gaining 10kg back. I felt defeated, tired, and upset at the world/what I had been through these last 10 years.

So here we are now, currently at around 89kg (196lb) , my mental state is getting better and I am ready to try again. My bariatric doctor wants me to get to 75kg (165lb) by Christmas so that is my goal.

This blog is not only going to be motivational for myself, but I also want to motivate others, disability or not, that weight loss is doable.
I will be talking about my eating habits, how I am able to exercise, and my weight loss progress. I plan to write this blog once a week every Sunday so come back to see any updates!
I will also welcome any questions you may have and include them in my weekly posts.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to this blog being (hopefully) somewhat interesting to read!